Question: Did Tenley Molzahn have a baby?

Tenley Molzahn and her husband Taylor Leopold welcomed their first child two weeks ago, and now theyre sharing the story behind their daughters name. Tenley gave birth to Rell Jaymes Leopold September 20 and has been posting photos and videos of their little one and what life is like as family of three.

Are Kiptyn and Tenley still together?

But their love story didnt last long. Fortunately, they have all found love off-camera. Kiptyn dated Tenley Molzahn (Jake Pavelkas season) after they met on Bachelor Pad Season 1. They split in 2015.

What does Taylor Leopold do for a living?

According to his LinkedIn, Leopold has been a product line manager at Reef, which is a sandal brand inspired by surfing, for the last couple of years.

Is Tenley and Kiptyn together?

But, several months later, Tenley and Kiptyn ended their relationship. Earlier this year, Kiptyn confirmed that he was expecting a child with his new girlfriend, Samm Murphy. It looks like Kiptyn has found his happiness, and hopefully the third time will be the charm for Tenley and shell find love in Paradise.

Are Samantha and Nick still together?

Bachelor in Paradise couple Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson have ended their relationship, a source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. The pair began dating during the second season of the hit show and decided to continue their relationship during the season finale, which filmed in June.

Where is Kiptyn Locke now?

Kiptyn Locke He lives in California and is vice president at LabArchives, LLC.

What does Tenley Molzahn do for a living?

TV Personality DancerEntertainer Tenley Molzahn/Professions

Why did Samantha and Nick break up?

“The main reason for the breakup is the distance,” the source tells Us. “They just werent able to make it work.” (Steffen, 28, is based in Los Angeles, while Peterson, 31, lives in Tampa, Fla.)

How long did Nick Date Samantha?

“Weve been dating for three months now,” Steffen, 28, tells PEOPLE. “Right after we finished filming, I flew to Florida where my parents live and Nick is there too. We only had like two dates before we left Paradise, so it was really nice getting to spend time together off camera.

Is Moana Dixon married?

Moana Dixon Moanas time on The Bachelor fighting for Travis Lane Storks affection is long behind her. Now shes happily married and owns a design studio called The Hunted Fox with her husband.

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