Question: Who is the best candidate for a date in Final Fantasy?

Is there romance in Final Fantasy 7?

Its extremely story-heavy, and while there are romantic moments between Cloud and Jessie, Tifa and Aerith (as well as some side characters), its all very much predetermined. There is no choice in who Cloud romances, and the story plays out as is written.

Does Reno like Rude?

In Gongaga, Reno asked Rude whom he likes. After a pause Rude revealed he liked Tifa Lockhart, shocking Reno, as Tifa is a member of Clouds party and belongs with Avalanche. Afterward they got a call from Shinra to capture Cloud, but let them go since they were not officially on duty.

Does Rude like TIFA?

In the original Final Fantasy VII game, Rude has a crush on Tifa Lockhart. In the 1997 game, right before Cloud and company head into Gongaga, the player witnesses a conversation between the Turks.

Does rude like TIFA ff7?

Rude has an apparent crush on Tifa. In Final Fantasy VII, he is scripted to not attack her during his boss battles unless she is the only party member still active. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, he avoids harming both Tifa and Aerith during his boss encounters.

Are Reno and Rude friends?

“Renos long-term partner and one of the Turks elite operatives […] Taciturn but compassionate, Rude ends up joining his partner in watching over Evan and Kyrie.” -Evan describes Reno and Rude as “they are always together, like a fork and a knife.”

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