Question: Should you tell your boyfriend how much you make?

Should you ever tell someone how much you make?

Reveal income if your income is equal to the median income of your peer group (industry, level, experience) up to +15% over. If you are making any more, then its probably best not to reveal and speak in generality. Any income below 115% of the median income of your peer group is fine.

Is it bad to tell someone how much you make?

While many workers are reluctant to talk about salary, being candid about salary can ensure workers are getting paid fairly. If people dont understand their current market value and what fair pay is for their role, they could be missing out and leaving salary and pay on the table, said Dobroski.

Why is it rude to ask salary?

She told me that the rules of decorum have historically dictated that people refrain from talking about salary because it can make others feel uncomfortable. If your salary is higher than a friends, for example, they might feel jealous of you. Or they might start asking you for financial assistance.

Is it rude to ask how much a job pays?

1. How much does the job pay? Its not that you can never, ever ask how much a job pays, its just that its considered a no-no in the initial interview phase. Its sort of like when you have a first date and you ask how much the other person earns as soon as she or he says hello.

Is it illegal to tell someone how much you make?

Yes, its O.K. — and perfectly legal — to talk about it. What many workers dont realize is that it is unlawful for private sector employers to prohibit employees from discussing wages and compensation, and it has been since the National Labor Relations Act was passed in 1935.

Why is asking someones salary bad?

Our income is personal information that we are entitled to be discreet and private about. Just as it is inappropriate to ask for the income of the other, it is obscene to talk about your income and make it public information. There is just no need to disclose what we earn to anyone.

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