Question: What does a narcissist want?

Why does a narcissist want to hurt you?

Sometimes, the narcissist doesnt mean to hurt you. Being sensitive to everything is just how their brains work. And if they are — by their own logic — being attacked, they will bite back even harder. However, by their nature, they may also want to hurt you too, because it makes them feel superior.

Why do narcissists fear intimacy?

Fear of being found out makes it difficult and sometimes impossible for the narcissist to trust anyone else. In fact, the closer your relationship becomes, the less he will trust you. Narcissists fear any true intimacy or vulnerability because theyre afraid youll see their imperfections and judge or reject them.

How do narcissists feel when you move on?

Narcissists hate losing their supply of attention, so they wont let you go easily. Prepare for them to promise to change. They might suddenly start doing things for you that youd been complaining about. They may say youll be lost without me, or youll never find someone like me. Dont listen, Orloff advises.

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