Question: Is marrying inanimate objects legal?

Once again there are no specific laws relating to this, as its not possible to officially marry an inanimate object – although that hasnt stopped people from enjoying wedded bliss with such items (and in some cases landmarks), with many of those people identifying as an objectum sexual – someone who is attracted to

Can you marry your pillow?

(This Guy Did!) The newlyweds honeymooned at an amusement park. But according to the UK Metro, 28-year-old Korean man Lee Jin-gyu really for real married his dakimakura, a large, huggable pillow with an image of Fate Testarossa—an anime character—printed on one side.

Can you marry an object in Australia?

Unlike the very general movie version (a question to the congregation that is included in many religious ceremonies), in Australia the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage is specific. neither of them is married to any other person.

Can you marry a dakimakura?

In 2010 Lee Jin-gyu (a Korean Otaku) traveled to Japan to marry his “dakimakura” (a large body pillow usually portraying an anime character). So while most of the events are true, we have found no evidence to support that an official marriage took place or that if it did it would be a legal marriage.

Can I marry a tree?

Tree marriage, symbolic marital union of a person with a tree that is said to be infused with supernatural life. In one such practice, between a bachelor and a tree, the tree was afterward felled, thereby endowing the man with the widower status required to marry a widow. Tree marriage was once widespread in India.

Can you marry your pillow in Japan?

The 28-year-old otaku (a Japanese term that roughly translates to somewhere between obsessive and nerd) has wed the pillow in a special ceremony, after fitting it out with a wedding dress for the service in front of a local priest. Lee is completely obsessed with the pillow. He takes it everywhere.

Can you marry an anime girl in Japan?

You can marry an anime waifu or go for another fictional 3D character whether they be human or not. The only stipulation is that the spouse can only submit one application and it cannot be to an actual person. Of course, there are anime fans who really wouldnt mind dating and marrying their waifu.

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