Question: What is double wing?

The Double Wing is characterized by extremely tight splits along the line of scrimmage, with two mirroring wingbacks angled towards the backfield.

How do you defend a double wing?

The 6 Keys to Victory against the Double Wing OffenseGive no vertical space- meaning defensive line must close gaps and squeeze down on the offensive linemen.Hold the line of scrimmage- do not over pursue up the field, give no ground to double team blocks. Get off blocks & Tackle.More items

What is the Wing T offense in football?

The Wing-T has a classic offensive line setup, with 2 guards, 2 tackles, a center, and the quarterback behind center. Its characterized by having a wingback just off of your tight end on the strong side, and a split end lined up on the weak side.

What does Trey mean in football?

The most popular variation on the counter is the counter trey. This play is designed for the offensive team to feign rushing one way, then attack the defense in the opposite direction.

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