Question: What is an audition monologue?

What is a Monologue? A Monologue is a scene performed by one person. Although a monologue is not done with a scene partner, the actor should have an imaginary scene partner that they deliver the lines too or rather have someone in mind with whom he or she is talking.

How do you choose a monologue for an audition?

10 Tips for Choosing Your Audition MonologueChoose material that fits you right now. Choose a monologue thats active. Dont do experimental, nonlinear work. Choose a piece that showcases your acting, not some other skill. Dont do a monologue from a production youve performed.More items •7 Aug 2014

How long should a monologue be for an audition?

Is the monologue the right length? Most monologues should be no longer than a minute and half, or about 20 to 30 lines, unless youve been directed otherwise. Less is almost always more.

Do you have to memorize a monologue for an audition?

No. Casting directors realize you will learn your lines before the callback or shoot. So being a quick study and knowing your lines for the initial audition doesnt give you a leg up over other actors. If you can learn your lines and be really solid for the audition then absolutely memorize them.

How big is a monologue?

An effective monologue should be around one minute, or 90 seconds max. Length goes hand in hand with entertainment, because you dont want your audience to become bored. It is far better to fill a 30 second monologue with great acting choices than to dredge on for 3 minutes of mediocre acting.

How long is an audition?

Generally auditions are two to three minutes long. Make sure you have a monologue that shows your strengths and is a minute in length. Your music piece should be sixteen bars of a piece that shows your range. Dance auditions are usually held separately and later after the individual auditions.

Can you wear black to an audition?

For on-camera auditions, avoid wearing red, white or black. White is a no-no for the camera because it tends to create a green shadow around you and glares. Black looks like a shadow and literally sucks all the energy from you on camera. These colors can be great in an actual shoot.

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