Question: Is there an age limit on take me out?

Applicants must be 18 or over – and single. If youve already applied for Take Me Out Series 11, you are urged not to re-apply, as your application is still being processed.

Has anyone from Take Me Out married?

Adele Vellacott and Dave Cobain Dave and Adele met on series two in 2011 and were the first Take Me Out couple get married. Freddie was born on June 9, 2013, and Dave and I married the following year at a country manor in Monmouthshire, Wales, where Im from.

How much are Im a celebrity getting paid 2020?

Im A Celebrity 2020 fees revealed This years highest paid celebrity is reported to be Mo Farah with a supposed £300,000 fee. Vernon Kay is rumoured to be getting £250,000 with Beverly Callard scooping £125,000 and Russell Watson £100,000. Hollie Arnold and AJ Prichard will apparently be taking home £50,000 each.

How much do you get paid on take me out?

None of the contestants are paid. They all volunteer to go on the show and take time out of work and other commitments to go and film. 4.

Has anyone found love on Take Me Out?

Robyn and Stuart Smith met on the show in 2013 and are now married. In 2013 they took the trip to Fernandos together and then four years later, in 2017, they tied the knot. Guests invited to the wedding included another of the Take Me Out success stories – married couple Gemma and Gavin.

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