Question: How do you get paid from whats your price?

Its paid in cash to the girl when you have your date. What the site recommends is that you pay (or collect) half of the money up front and the other half at the end of the date. If you have any issues with collection of money or payment, you can contact the site and let them know.

How much does whats your price cost?

Price | How much does this Whats Your Price cost?Message CreditsCost100 credits$50450 credits$1501000 credits$250

What is name your own price model?

Name-your-own-price (NYOP), a pricing strategy often referred to as a reverse auction, is a participative pricing mechanism in which consumers have a relatively high control over the price they pay for a product or service.

Is Name Your Own Price gone?

If youre here wondering where “Name Your Own Price” has gone, Priceline has removed it since early 2020. They pulled it from the platform without any major announcement which is why you probably didnt know.

Is an example of Name Your Own Price auction?

In an Name-Your-Own Price (NYOP) auction, a potential buyer places at bid for an item such as a hotel room, rental car and so on. For instance, a bid on Priceline could be for a three star hotel in a certain area at a certain price. The name of the hotel will not be revealed until the room has been purchased.

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