Question: Is Pfaltzgraff Heritage discontinued?

Pfaltzgraff Heritage Brown has been discontinued. If you need replacement or additional pieces for your Pfaltzgraff Heritage Brown collection, monitor this page on a weekly basis for new listings.

When was Pfaltzgraff Heritage made?

1962 Pfaltzgraff Heritage-White is a beautifully understated and elegant pattern. Each piece in Heritage-White showcases an eye-catching 12-sided shape. Created by designer George Briard in 1962, this distinctive pattern captures the essence of Pfaltzgraffs tableware artistry.

Are Pfaltzgraff dishes still made?

Pfaltzgraff dishes are not made at the Pennsylvania factory anymore. They are now made in China and the quality and craftsmanship of the venerable York, PA factory did not transfer to the Chinese factory.

Is Pfaltzgraff lead free?

This Pfaltzgraff, Made in the USA dish (age unknown, pattern name unknown, tested in 2014) tested positive for lead at 60 parts per million (ppm) when tested with an XRF instrument. This level of lead is considered safe by all standards, American and European.

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