Question: How do Capricorn men date long distance?

For a Capricorn, a long-distance relationship with no finish wont work. They need to make a timeline with their partner where they put down estimated times together, apart, and the end date. Capricorn must feel that both partners are working toward a future that is in sight.

How do Capricorn men act when dating?

In the preliminary dating stage, it takes a while for this guy to let his walls down. He easily comes off as cold and intimidating, even though he probably isnt trying to, and hes a tough nut to crack. Once hes sure youre actually into him, he makes a move.

Can you trust a Capricorn man?

They are reserved and slow to trust: It might take your patience to make them open their heart to you. But be assured when they entrust you, it would be for ever. Typical Capricorn males dont play around. To earn the trust, be honest and open with them, show that you are supportive.

What is a Capricorn weakness?

Weaknesses: Pessimistic, greedy, cynical, fearful, ruthless in achieving a goal, rigid, and miserly. While usually positive, Capricorns relentless drive towards their goals can sometimes backfire. They will always put their achievements first, and this can make them seem cold and inflexible.

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