Question: When to call the doctor after gastric sleeve surgery?

The most common issue that arises is infection, but there is also the possibility of a leak or perforation, so if you present any of the following side effects, please call your surgeon immediately: Your temperature is above 101°F (38°C). You have increased breathing or trouble breathing.

When should I go to the ER after gastric sleeve?

The most common reason for having to go to the emergency room after weight loss surgery is extreme nausea and vomiting. Some nausea and vomiting is normal. Its part of the recovery process for many patients.

How long does it take to get consultation after gastric sleeve?

The entire process, from consultation to surgery, generally takes about six months to complete.

How do you know if you have a leak after gastric sleeve?

Symptoms of stomach leak include: rapid heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, fever, worsening abdominal pain, left chest or shoulder pain, abdominal distention, the appearance of illness and a general feeling that something is very wrong.

What is the average wait time for bariatric surgery?

Results: Median wait times for bariatric surgery increased from 86 to 159 days during the study period. Median wait times were ≤67 days for the shortest wait time quartile and ≥204 days for the longest wait time quartile.

How many hours is gastric sleeve surgery?

How Long Will Surgery Take? The procedure itself takes about two hours. It is performed laparoscopically, so it requires only small incisions. Gastric sleeve patients typically remain in the hospital an average of one to two days.

Why does my left side hurt after gastric sleeve surgery?

Progressive abdominal pain and/or left shoulder pain within the first few weeks after sleeve gastrectomy could be caused by a late leak or perforation. These types of leaks can develop “late” after a gastric sleeve and require emergency admission to the hospital. In some cases, urgent surgery is required.

Is it normal to not poop after gastric sleeve?

Constipation is occasionally seen after some bariatric surgery, such as sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band surgery. Dietary recommendations and the amount of food you will be eating can cause alterations to your digestive tract that may make you more susceptible to constipation problems.

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