Question: Why does MTV play ridiculousness so much?

Ridiculousness cast and content appeals to a mass audience “Since MTV began running the show in giant chunks, [it has] seen repeat viewers jump from twice a week to six times a week,” says Giles. MTVs viewership has increased 21% thanks to the “stacks of Ridiculousness.

Does MTV play anything but Ridiculousness?

One of MTVs original shows, Ridiculousness, plays all the time. No offense to them, but its a lot, and it almost comes off as if MTV refuses to play anything else.

How often is Ridiculousness on MTV?

Catch new episodes every Monday through Thursday night at 10pm ET/PT beginning January 6th on MTV.

Does Rob Dyrdek own deliciousness?

MTV Greenlights Ridiculousness Spinoff Deliciousness Hosted By Tiffani Thiessen. MTV has ordered Deliciousness, a spinoff of its long-running hit series Ridiculousness, hosted by Alexa & Katie alumna Tiffani Thiessen.

Does Rob Dyrdek own DC?

Does Rob Dyrdek own DC Shoes? No, but Rob was sponsored by the footwear company for two decades. And when his DC Shoes contract lapsed in 2016, Rob went on a “straight bender,” purchasing dozens of Nike and Asics kicks.

What religion is Rob Dyrdek?

the Universal Life Church Dyrdek became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church in order to perform his sisters wedding in December 2011.

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