Question: Why are Cancers so sad?

Many people with cancer feel sad. They feel a sense of loss of their health, and the life they had before they learned they had the disease. Even when youre done with treatment, you may still feel sad. This is a normal response to any serious illness.

Do cancers depression?

When you have cancer, you may feel sad at times. This may be at diagnosis, or during or after treatment. This is normal and for most people these feelings of sadness go away.

Are cancers lonely?

People with cancer often feel lonely or distant from others. This may be for a number of reasons: Friends sometimes have a hard time dealing with cancer and may not visit or call you. You may feel too sick to take part in the hobbies and activities you used to enjoy.

Do cancers trust easily?

04/8​Cancer As a water sign, they are very sensitive and trustworthy and expect the same of their partner. The more they have encountered a break in trust in the past, the harder it gets for them to trust their partner.

Are Cancers fun?

Theyre naturally funny and emotionally intelligent, so theyre pros at making light of the all-too-real aspects of every day life. Granted, they also tend to be a little offbeat and goofy at times, which makes them even more endearing.

Are cancers bad at communication?

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Aries And Capricorn Cancers generally walk away from a conversation with an Aries feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and with instructions on what they should do rather than feeling respected, truly heard and understood. Theyd also have communication problems with Capricorns.

Are Cancers freaky?

Thats right: Sexually, Cancer women are surprisingly freaky. Leaning a bit on the submissive side, they will find excitement if you take control and surprise them. Consider gently pushing them against walls or holding them close, and youll be surprised how receptive theyll be if they feel comfortable with you.

Are cancers psychopaths?

Cancerians are full of emotional empathy towards others. They arent usually an emotional psychopath.

How do cancers get revenge?

Cancerians become very cautious and are in a hungry mood to get revenge, especially if someone they love has been hurt in any way. They will only resort to harsh forms of revenge if the matter has become worse. They will only hurt the person who caused them to do it. So, in this way, a Cancerian is justified.

What are the water signs?

Which zodiac signs are water signs? The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They dont shy away from deep and heavy conversations and can typically suss out what someones got going on beneath the surface, says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at

Are most Cancers introverts?

Cancerians love to stay in their home. They are naturally introverted but love to be friendly and talk about things that interest them and others too. However, they are not the type to go to a party or a social gathering, they stick to their own space.

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