Question: Why are there so many people on friendmatch?

How is FriendMatch?

FriendMatch is a place online where you can go to meet new people and make new friends. FriendMatch works like a dating website, except that it is matchmaking for friends, not for dating.

Why having more friends is bad?

Based on a 2009 study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, having too many friends can result in stress because the demands on the adolescent to fulfill the role of friendship are greater than his or her ability to enact the role. This feeling of obligation to so many people can be overwhelming and even lead to

What to do when you realize you have no friends?

What to do if you have no friends:Remind yourself that lots of people have no friends.Figure out in what way you are lonely.Address underlying causes such as depression or anxiety.Polish up on your social skills.Find like-minded people through mutual interests.Overcome the fear of rejection.More items •30 Jul 2020

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