Question: Are Slovenians friendly?

Slovenians are hospitable and friendly people, and they want to make their guests feel like kings. Locals in Slovenia will be happy to introduce visitors to their traditional food, culture, monuments, and natural wonders. Showing off the beauty of their country is something Slovenians also love to do.

Is Slovenia safe for tourists?

Slovenia is a relatively safe country to visit. LGBT+ travellers are generally not in danger, although there have been reported attacks in the past. Be cautious in the evening and at night, especially in bigger towns. Some aggression in crowded bars has also been noted.

Do Slovenians and Croatians get along?

Relations between Slovenia and Croatia are generally considered to be friendly, but plagued with a series of unresolved border disputes and other vestiges from the time when both countries were the northernmost part of SFR Yugoslavia.

Is Slovenia cheaper than Croatia?

Croatia is 12.9% cheaper than Slovenia.

Is Slovenia a beautiful country?

The Rough Guides created a new list of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world. Scotland tops the chart, with Slovenia in the golden middle, while Vietnam wraps up the list. The list was co-created by readers of the web portal, who voted for their most stunning country. Slovenia came in at 11th place.

Is Croatia the most beautiful country in the world?

Croatia. Namely, Rough Guides readers chose Croatia as the 19th most beautiful country in the world, behind Norway and in front of Vietnam.

What is the national drink of Croatia?

Rakija Rakija. In Croatia, national drink rakija is shared with other Balkan countries, but the Croatian way is to drink a herbal rakija – known as travarica – at the start of a meal with some dried figs.

Is food expensive in Slovenia?

While meal prices in Slovenia can vary, the average cost of food in Slovenia is €19 per day. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner. The price of food in sit-down restaurants in Slovenia is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices.

What language is spoken in Slovenia?

Slovenian Slovenia/Official languages

How much does a house cost in Slovenia?

Mr. Young said the average price for an existing apartment in Ljubljana in mid-2019 was 2,780 euros a square meter ($280 a square foot), while the average price for a house in the capital was about 290,000 euros ($315,000). Around the city, the average price for a house was 193,000 euros ($210,000).

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