Question: What is an older German woman called?

die Frau (female) If you want to refer to a women older than 15 or 18, then »Frau« is almost always the best choice.

How old is a Madchen?

Mädchen is typically used to refer to young women up to the age of 20 (or 25 at most). Past this age it is uncommon (unlike English girl).

What is the female equivalent of Herr?

Frau is the equivalent of Herr and just means woman which makes it much clearer than in other languages that the married title does not have an inherent meaning of marriage, but of being adult, and that this is the analogous address.

Is Mädchen Amick German?

Amicks parents are of partial German descent; the name Mädchen, which means girl in German, was chosen by her parents because they wanted an unusual name. She is also of Norwegian, Swedish, English and Irish descent. As a young girl, Amick was encouraged by her parents to follow her creative instincts.

Is Mädchen Amick married?

David Alexism. 1995 Mädchen Amick/Spouse Amick has been married to David Alexis since December 16, 1995. Together they have two children, son Sylvester Time Amick-Alexis (born July 5, 1992) and daughter Mina Tobias (born September 2, 1993).

What nationality is Mädchen Amick?

American Mädchen Amick/Nationality

How do you pronounce Madchen?

Madchen Amick You may have been calling her Mad-chen. If so, stop it. Her first name is actually pronounced May-chen.

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