Question: Is the eharmony guy still alive?

What happened to the old eHarmony guy?

Neil Clark Warren, the wise old matchmaker of eHarmony, is stepping down as CEO. The octogenarian psychologist who dispenses advice in eHarmony commercials is no longer chief executive officer, the company said on Tuesday.

Is Neil Clark Warren still with eHarmony?

In 2007, He Stepped Down as eharmony CEO, Returned in 2012, and Stepped Down Again in 2016. After decades of counseling work and seven years with eharmony, Neil retired in 2007, when he moved to Kennebunkport, Maine, with his wife. Neil still remains Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Who is the guy in the eHarmony commercial?

Neil Clark Warren, founder and chairman of eHarmony - hes the guy on those commercials trying to convince lonely singles to sign up to meet their match online - just said, On second thought, dont get married.

How old is Neil Clark Warren?

86 years (September 18, 1934) Neil Clark Warren/Age

Did eharmony get sold?

Eharmony sells to German broadcaster ProSiebenSat. 1 has matched with eharmony. The German broadcaster has bought the Los Angeles dating site through its newly formed e-commerce division NuCom Group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Who owns eharmony now?

NCG - NuCom Group SE Parship Group GmbHProSiebenSat.1 Media eharmony/Parent organizations

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